Match Affinity

Part of Match Affinity’s ‘Going the Distance’ advertising campaign.

7 x 30″ TV Commercials
Fresh One/Mother London

Directed by Jonathan Rudd

NSPCC ‘Will’s Story’

An emotionally delicate animation about self-harm, how it can affect young people and the remedial power of talking about trauma.

The NSPCC challenged us to find a new way to portray self-harm, to create a film that could provide gentle reassurance and guidance to an extremely sensitive target audience, without using potentially triggering imagery.

1 x 60″ online commercial
3 Angry Men – 2012

Directed by Guy Saville

Life & Death the Pentecostal Way

Pentecostalism is now the largest Christian faith in London. What is it about this rapidly growing religion that makes it so appealing?

This one-hour observational documentary will follow the stories of members of the congregation at defining moments in their lives. Through powerful personal stories it will lift the lid on a vibrant faith that is fast becoming one of the dominant religions in Britain.

1 x 60′ documentary
BBC for BBC2 – 2016

Directed by Tanya Stephan

Are Health Tests Really a Good Idea?

Michael Mosley puts himself through a battery of health tests available to people who feel perfectly well. From an expensive heart scan to a new national screening procedure to detect the earliest signs of bowel cancer, Mosley sets out to discover which if any of the tests are worth doing.

1 x 60′ documentary
BBC for BBC2 – 2016

Directed by Serena Davies

NYPD: Biggest Gang in New York?

In the wake of the shooting of five Dallas police officers, BBC Three investigates why tension is rising between America’s police forces and ethnic minorities.

Shot on the streets of New York, the film follows ‘Cop Watchers’ – men and women who track the NYPD in a cat-and-mouse game to try and film arrests and possible cases of brutality.

NYPD officers also speak out, alleging systemic racism and a policy of targeting ethnic minority communities in order hit their arrest quotas.

1 x 60′ documentary
Renowned Films for BBC3 – 2016

Directed by Ben Steele

Inside Cern

With exclusive behind-the-scenes access, Horizon follows the highs and lows of an extraordinary story in particle physics. In June 2015, teams at CERN started running the large hadron collider at the highest energy ever. Rumours quickly emerged that they were on the brink of a huge discovery. A mysterious bump in some data suggested a first glimpse of a brand new particle that could change our understanding of how the universe works.

Horizon follows the scientists as they hunt for the elusive signals that would prove if there is a new particle or if it is just noise from their machine.

1 x 60′ documentary
BBC Horizon for BBC2 – 2016

Directed by Serena Davies

Life on the Psych Ward

How do you discharge a patient from a psychiatric hospital when they’ve committed terrible acts of violence in the past?

Life on the Psych Ward delves into the lives of three patients at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, one of the most dangerous places to work in the NHS, as they face the prospect of discharge after decades under lock and key.

1 × 60′ documentary
Rare Day for Channel 4 – 2016

Directed by Guy King

Deadly Islands

(aka Mystery of the Lost Islands)

In a unique approach that blends all of the blue chip qualities of a natural history documentary series with an investigative twist, audiences will follow renowned zoologist Dave Salmoni in the role of detective as he sets out to crack some of the last big secrets of five remote locations.

Dave’s skills will be tested to the limits as he lives alongside some of Mother Nature’s fiercest predators, while trying to solve the mysteries of the lost islands.

6 x 60′ natural history
Silverback Films for Discovery US – 2014

Executive Producer – Keith Scholey
Series Producer – Huw Cordey

Score performed by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra
Score mixed by Richard Aitken

Soundtrack available on iTunes

How We Invented the World

This four-part series explores the most iconic inventions and breakthroughs of the modern age, from the cell phone to the airline black box, revealing secrets of what’s to come, from guns that check your DNA fingerprint before they can fire, to transparent planes that save fuel and allow passengers to see the world in a new way.

4 x 60′ drama documentary
Utopia for Discovery – 2012

Series Director: Jonathan Rudd

Score performed by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra
Score mixed by Richard Aitken

Soundtrack available on iTunes

No Man Left Behind (Shok Valley)

Ambushed on a dangerous hillside in Afghanistan by Taliban combatants, a small team of Green Berets fought through serious casualties to bring everyone home alive.

Directed by: James Bryce

1 x 60 drama documentary
Raw TV for National Geographic – 2016

One Deadly Weekend in America

A feature-length documentary about a perfectly average summer weekend in 2015 when 87 people across the USA were killed in incidences of gun violence. From South Central Los Angeles to South Caroline, the film tells the stories of seven young lives cut short by shootings and explores America’s troubling relationship with guns.

One Deadly Weekend in America is not an easy watch, but it serves three main purposes: it’s a wonderful tribute to the victims; it’s a searing indictment of their deaths; and it’s a beautifully made documentary. You get the sense that some of these killings happened out of the blue, some had a creeping inevitability and every single one was preventable. One Deadly Weekend in America is possibly the best thing you will only ever watch once.” 
The Guardian

1 x 90′ feature documentary
Voltage TV for BBC3 – 2017

Directed by Ursula Macfarlane

Shut Up !

During an argument, Tom’s told by his girlfriend Amanda to shut up. He does so – determined never to talk to her again. Until she takes things too far…….

1 x 10′ Short film
Nuclei Films

Directed by Lucien Clayton
Produced by Angelique Talio