Day Zero

As water comes perilously close to running out all over the planet, Day Zero examines the perfect storm of climate change and population growth, challenging our ideas about water and spurring us towards crucial action.

Narrated by BAFTA award winner Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Filmed on location over three years, we witness local crises as they happen with compelling up-close-and-personal stories. Connecting the threads between the 2018 Cape Town water crisis and the 2019 Australian wildfires; the devastating effects of deforestation in the Amazon and the irreversible impact of human action on natural water resources in Florida, Mexico and the American Mid-West, Day Zero’s astonishing insight and access show how these localised disasters expose an impending global catastrophe, creating chaos and conflict all across the world.

Day Zero
1 x 90′ feature length documentary

Keo Films – 2021