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Miami Mega Jail

Louis spends time in one of the most notorious sections of Miami County Jail: the fifth & sixth floor of ‘main jail’ a vast holding pen for the unconvicted where most inmates are awaiting trial.

2 x 60′ documentary
BBC for BBC2 – 2011

Directed by Emma Cooper

American Blackout

American Blackout imagines the story of a national power failure in the United States caused by a cyberattack, told in real time, over ten days, by those who kept recording using cameras and phones.

1 x 90′ drama
RAW for National Geographic – 2013

Director – Jonathan Rudd
Executive Producers – Bart Layton, Dimitri Doganis, Richard Bond
Score Mixer – Richard Aitken

Soundtrack available on iTunes

Chuck Norris vs Communism

In 1980’s Romania, thousands of Western films smashed through the Iron Curtain opening a window into the free world for those who dared to look. A black-market VHS racketeer and a courageous female translator brought the magic of film to the people and sparked a revolution. Discover the magic of film and the power it has to change lives.

1 x 90′ documentary feature film
Vernon Films/Passion Pictures for Netflix – 2015

Directed by Ilinca Calugareanu
Produced by Mara Adina
Executive Producers – John Battsek, Nicole Stott, Brett Ratner

Score performed by the Brasov Philharmonic
Orchestrated by Tom Kilworth
Score mixed by Joe Rubel

Soundtrack available on iTunes, film available on Netflix

Deadly Islands

(aka Mystery of the Lost Islands)

In a unique approach that blends all of the blue chip qualities of a natural history documentary series with an investigative twist, audiences will follow renowned zoologist Dave Salmoni in the role of detective as he sets out to crack some of the last big secrets of five remote locations.

Dave’s skills will be tested to the limits as he lives alongside some of Mother Nature’s fiercest predators, while trying to solve the mysteries of the lost islands.

6 x 60′ natural history
Silverback Films for Discovery US – 2014

Executive Producer – Keith Scholey
Series Producer – Huw Cordey

Score performed by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra
Score mixed by Richard Aitken

Soundtrack available on iTunes


Would you risk your life to save a stranger? Saved is a four-part drama-documentary series telling the true stories of Britons who were rescued from life threatening situations by a complete stranger.

4 x 60′ drama-documentary
The Garden for ITV – 2016

Directed by Jonathan Rudd
Produced by David Wise

Strings performed by Peter Gregson, Laurie Gregson, Kate Robinson, Simon Hewitt Jones, and Adam Wynter
Recorded at Script Studios, Kings Cross
Score engineered, recorded and mixed by Joe Rubel

Soundtrack available on iTunes

How We Invented the World

This four-part series explores the most iconic inventions and breakthroughs of the modern age, from the cell phone to the airline black box, revealing secrets of what’s to come, from guns that check your DNA fingerprint before they can fire, to transparent planes that save fuel and allow passengers to see the world in a new way.

4 x 60′ drama documentary
Utopia for Discovery – 2012

Series Director: Jonathan Rudd

Score performed by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra
Score mixed by Richard Aitken

Soundtrack available on iTunes

No Man Left Behind (Shok Valley)

Ambushed on a dangerous hillside in Afghanistan by Taliban combatants, a small team of Green Berets fought through serious casualties to bring everyone home alive.

Directed by: James Bryce

1 x 60 drama documentary
Raw TV for National Geographic – 2016

Wild Lives

A Disney Nature special, looking behind the scenes with camerawoman Sophie Darlington at the making of some of Disney Nature’s most popular wildlife films.

1 x 60′ natural history
Silverback Films for Disney Nature – 2015

Directed by Hilary Jeffkins
Executive Producer – Keith Scholey

Strings performed by Peter Gregson and Laurie Gregson
Score Mixer – Joe Rubel

Shut Up !

During an argument, Tom’s told by his girlfriend Amanda to shut up. He does so – determined never to talk to her again. Until she takes things too far…….

1 x 10′ Short film
Nuclei Films

Directed by Lucien Clayton
Produced by Angelique Talio

Scored recorded at Cowshed Studios London
Mixed by Joe Leach

Guitar – James Bryan
Piano – Nick Ramm
Accordion – Zivorad Nikoli
Trumpet – John Hoare
Drums – Tom Skinner
Bass – Rob Manning