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The Blind Side

This ten-part documentary series ‘Best of British’ follows Paralympic athletes in their sporting and private lives as they aim to be selected for the 2012 London Paralympic Games. With unprecedented access to the trials and tribulations of selection and qualification, the series is an intimate and unflinching look at the daily lives of these athletes as they strive for glory.

‘The Blind Side’ meets Dave Clarke, Robin Wiliams and Owen Bainbridge from the British blind football squad as they go through tough training regimes in order to be at their best in the Paralympic Games.

10 x 60′ documentary
Twofour for Channel 4 – 2011

Directed by Chris Williams

The Wonderful World of Tony Blair

Since resigning in June 2007, Tony Blair has financially enriched himself more than any previous ex-prime minister.

Peter Oborne investigates the former prime minister’s sources of wealth since his resignation from the post in June 2007, after which he was appointed as official envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East. He also explores the activities of Tony Blair Associates, an international consultancy that handles multimillion-pound contracts.

Dispatches reveals some of the sources of his new-found wealth, much of which comes from the Middle East.

1 x 60′ documentary
Blast! Films for Channel 4 – 2011

Directed by James Brabazon

Girls on the Pull

Hair is a multi-billion pound industry. It is a potent sign of femininity, sexuality, and health. As a nation, we’re obsessed with it – we preen it, cut it, style it, dye it and spend millions on it every year.

Losing it can be devastating, yet across Britain an estimated one million people are literally tearing their hair out. They suffer from trichotillomania (TTM), an impulse control disorder that causes sufferers to experience uncontrollable urges to pull out their own hair, often to the point of baldness. Why do they do it and how can they stop?

1 x 30′ documentary
Minnow Films for Channel 4 – 2010

Directed by Ruth Kelly